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We don’t hunt down and eat our ‘Baby’ alive Mr. Adam Levine as first of all it’s a crime and secondly, cannibalism is looked upon as taboo in our society. But there are many other things that we do– just like animals animals like animals –mals. Here is when…


Urinating in Public Places: AAAAAAAAAAhhhhhhhhh! I just saved 5 rupees.

Image Source: PickitUp

Throwing garbage on the go: Street doggy, here you go—catch it!

Eve teasing has been considered as a henious crime in developed countries taking its consequences in mind . However , due to lack of defensive statutary provisions , its very difficult for girls to protect themselves from this offensive work in the least developed couontries .
Image Source: Unesco

Eve Teasing: “Dhoop me nikla na karo roop ki raani, gora rang kaala na pad jaaye.”

Image Source: DMRC

Metro Stampede: But first you gotta Push push back upon it, make me believe you want it!

Image Source: RuralPick

Crime: Being a mute spectator, witnessing crime! 

Image Source: TOI

Road Rage: We won’t age, as our minds are caught in a cage!

Image Source: Facebook

Spitting on Roads: I am your saviour, I spit, unlike Spiderman!

Do you know any animals? Share your story or encounter in the comments section. Let’s clean our home together.




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