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Justin Bieber Is Keeping Up Well With Kardashians

Justin Bieber has been hanging out a lot with Kourtney Kardashian off lately. There are rumours that Selena Gomez is allegedly trying to win Bieber’s heart and is willing to give the relationship with her ex another chance. But the ‘Sorry’ hitmaker has no desire to reignite his romance with her because of Kourtney Kardashian.

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But Gomez badly wants Beiber back in her life. Sources reveal that losing her closest friend Christina Grimmie last month in an accident got Selena enlightened. She had this realisation that life is too short to keep grudges. Thus, Selena is wildly chasing Bieber—she is incessantly calling and emailing him and is determined to win him back.

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The Canadian star is holding Kardashian firm and is sticking to her. At a show recently, Gomez visited with her friends to watch Bieber performing. Kourtney was present there too, but Bieber was spotted giving more attention to Selena for which he later got a warning from Kim Kardashian. Kim pulled Justin aside and berated him. In a very calm voice and her eyes looking through his soul, Kim told Justin to stop playing with Kourtney’s emotions.

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She told him that Kourtney’s is done with her share of troubles and with Scott (her ex-husband) and the last thing she needs is to be tangled up in yet another love triangle. Kim caustically asked Bieber if he knew the meaning of the word vulnerable, to which he said no. The furious Kim said his homework assignment was to look up, understand the meaning, and to think of Kourt when he reads the definition because that’s where she’s at in her life right now.

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While Kourtney and Justin have been seen together repeatedly throughout the last several months, still they have never confirmed rumours of their possible romance and continue to keep their hangouts as private as possible.




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