Kalki Koechlin: Celeb Who Has Made Us Feminists Super Proud

Kalki Koechlin: Celeb Who Has Made Us Feminists Super Proud

Kalki Koechlin entered into our lives as Leni, a young girl who turns to prostitution after a MMS scandal. Six years later she continues to impress us with her charismatic performances and her persona. There aren’t many role models whom we look up to in our film industry but her strong will to fight against all wrongs, Kalki earns our love & respect.



Where mainstream media focuses on problems in her life- her divorce, imagined rivalry with other female co-stars we found inspiration in what she has done in over the years.

Here are our few of our favourite Kalki moments that prove she loves being feminist and are a strong and independent woman.

1. She is the proud feminist, and she takes every possible step to show her stand on feminism.



2. She likes being a celeb because she believes she has the power to make a difference.


3. She is upset by India’s disturbing rape culture and does satire videos to prove her point.



She did something this meaningful on International Women’s Day.


5. Going through a divorce is tough, and it becomes even harder to manage your personal life when you are a celeb. But she handled it in the most dignified way possible.

Profile Shoot Of Bollywood Actor Kalki Koechlin


6. For Kalki, there are days when she likes to get dressed up and be a diva, and there are also laid back days when she wants to do nothing but chill out in her PJ’s. Isn’t she relatable?


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“There will be days when I want to go to Prithvi (Theatre) in my pajamas, so I’m not going to be all fully decked up, and make-up and everything, and there are days when I go on a red carpet, and I wear a gown, and I love it, you know, and I look like a diva, and I love it.”

7. She knows what exactly feminism stands for and is working hard to break all myths around it.


We are proud of you Kalki, keep up the good work!






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