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Kamaal R Khan Openly Criticizes Salman And Proves He Is Fearless!


There is a war going on Twitter guys between Krk and Salman, do you have a clue about it? It’s a well-established fact that there is nobody in Bollywood who can dare to mess with Salman Khan. Whoever tried fell on his face–ex Vivek Oberoi. But there is somebody now who is fearlessly setting up a war, and that is none other than Kamal R Khan, the self-made star.

In a recent tweet, he openly declared to his 2.75 million followers that Salman Khan’s upcoming film Tubelight would be a big flop. In few other tweets, he criticised Salman’s acting skills without any restraint.

Krk seems to be fearless of the Khans. In an earlier tweet, he called Shahrukh’s Raees a bullshit film–which is true!

The pinned tweet on Krk’s profile– a screen shot of Mr Bachhan’s message to KRK– created furore on the web where people came out and lashed Mr Bachhan and asked him for an explanation.

Krk is an established critic by now, and I believe its time we start taking him seriously.  His open criticism of big shots will sure shot elevate the class of cinema served on the big screen.






Shubhendu Punj

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