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Killing Is Not The Only Art They Are Good At!

You must have seen criminals committing heinous crimes (Thanks to shows like Crime Patrol and Savdhaan India), but here we present something you would have never witnessed before—a series of sketches drawn by the DEADLIEST!

King of Slob

Image Source: Criminal Justice

This painting titled ‘King of Slob’ was made by Robert Bardo, an American man serving life incarceration without parole. He had murdered the famous sitcom artist Rebecca Lucile Schaeffer in 1990 after stalking her for three long years. It was after this murder that America passed the first set of anti-stalking laws in California.

Brokeface Mountain

Image Source: Criminal Justice

Convicted of six counts of murder, Ottis Toole is believed to have committed more than 100 crimes with his accomplice Henry Lee Lucas. He received two death sentences that were later on commuted to life incarceration. He died in his cell aged 49.

Felony Murder Bear


Image Source: Criminal Justice

This cute teddy is the creation of a man named Gerald Eugene Stano. He was convicted of killing 22 women while he confessed to killing 41. Electric chair executed Stano in 1998.

Never Trust a Shirtless Dwarf

Image Source: Criminal Justice

Glen Rogers renowned as ‘The cross country killer’ –claimed to have committed close to seventy murders– drew this sarcastic piece of art in 1998. He has appealed against his death sentence and is currently lodged in California state prison.

A Face Only a Mother Could Tolerate

Image Source: Criminal Justice

This art by Keith Jesperson questions society about the value they accord to looks and appearance. Keith Jesperson killed more than 160 people but was convicted of just eight crimes. He is currently serving life incarceration.



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