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Being A Lazy Girl, You Definitely Hate Doing Your Hair!

If you’re anything like me, by which I mean PLAIN-SIMPLE- L.A.Z.Y. when it comes to styling your hair then welcome to my squad! Undoubtedly, I love my long manes and dream about styling them in various ways, but as I said– I JUST DREAM ABOUT IT!

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So if you have hair like mine, and you are as lazy as I am, you can surely relate to the following:

Your daily hairstyling routine involves a #MessyHairLook: You watch hair tutorials on youtube attentively but on seeing– that it’s ten minutes long and requires more than one hairpin you give it big thumbs down and stick to your own one-minute messy routine.

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Your friends turn into enemies when– you actually take a time to do your hair and later they cancel on you!

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Your shampoo routine requires you to stay in your bathroom for eternity, and so you choose baby powder over shampoo to treat greasy hair. . .

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When you think, you can pull off your oily hair like a celebrity:


Fixing your hair makes no sense, WHEN:
IT IS TOO HOT OUTSIDE: It’s anyway going to get ruined by sweat, humidity and sun!

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IT IS TOO COLD OUTSIDE: It’s anyway going to be covered with your cap, scarf or hat!

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IT IS TOO WINDY OUTSIDE: It’s anyway going to be blown in every possible direction!

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IT IS RAINING OUTSIDE: It’s anyway going to get damp as soon as you step out of your place!

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Cancelling on dates/ work-out sessions/ meetings/ Hanging out with friends/ Clubbing– just because you have to shampoo, condition & blow-dry schedule.

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How celebrities look like in ponytails Vs. How we people do:


But…that one time when your messy hair is on point!

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