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Modelling, Not M-tech– Leonardo Di Caprio, She Is Coming For You!


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She, a brilliant student, had loved nothing more than physics in her life. Friends called her nerd; back-benchers hated her. Most of her life at school was that of an ‘Odd one out’ kind, for she was a devoted bookworm.  But after completing her B-tech, my cousin announced to her dad that from here on, she ain’t allowing PHYSICS enter the premises of her mind. When asked about her plans, she mentioned Modelling as her pursuit.

This declaration sent the entire family into a state of shock and puzzled– they tried ascertaining factors that might have pushed her to this decision– that seemed to them in proximity to fantasy.  Everybody, from relatives to neighbours, to friends, tried their level best to convince her for M tech, but she had turned into a stone; her decision was firm.

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One evening at a friend’s party—I was munching French fries sitting alone in one corner—when she WHOOSHED me from behind. After sharing a hug, she took my hand and walked me out of the noise to reach the balcony.  Unlike others, I felt euphoric on knowing her decision to be a model. So I asked, “Leena(her name), when are you ramp walking for Victoria’s show.”  She laughed and said, “Soon Soon”!

Again, out of curiosity, I asked her—“Leena, why modelling, I mean there must be a substantial reason.”

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She gave me a sharp look of around six or eight seconds and said, “I will tell you, but you swear to god, you wouldn’t share this with anybody. Promise me; you will keep it to yourself, and you might also have to take the secret down with you in the grave.” I nodded in approval, and pulling me close by the collar of my shirt; she whispered to me, “You know Leonardo, yeah that Shutter Island guy. Honey, I am madly in love with him, and for him, I wish to be a model. You know he only dates models. It’s real intense love darling—real intense love!”

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I was baffled but hiding the emotion under a smile I said, “Leena, I believe you, and I know your love is true! I am so happy for you and Leo!”.

She kissed me, and her bubbling face kept staring my face until I reminded her of her friends who had constantly been shouting out her name from a distance.

Note: In his 41 years on this planet, following are the models Leo has dated, the man you ladies adore each night in your dreams.

  1. Bridget Hall
  2. Brittany Daniel
  3. Laura Whitmore
  4. Helena Christensen
  5. Natasha Henstridge
  6. Bijou Phillips
  7. Anne Vyalitsyna
  8. Madalina Ghenea
  9. Kelly Rohrbach
  10. Toni Garnn
  11. Katie Cleary
  12. Erin Heatherton
  13. Blake Lively
  14. Bar Rafaeli
  15. Gisele Bundchen
  16. Eva Herzigova
  17. Amber Valletta
  18. Kristen Zang
  19. Naomi Campbel
  20. Victoria Robinson



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