Look At The World With Their Eyes

Look At The World With Their Eyes

“Colour-vision” deficiency, popularly known as ‘colour blindness’ is one of the most common defects. But it is impossible to imagine what it is like if you have never experienced it.
We have always imagined the world in black and white for people suffering from colour blindness, but after Clinic Compare; a UK medical consulting service released the series of GIFs we can understand how complicated things are.
“Color-blindness should best be thought of as looking through the world with a coloured lens that blunts and washes out ‘true’ colour perception,” says Barrett Katz, M.D., M.B.A., faculty attending at the Division of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences at Montefiore Health System. “It is not blindness at all, but rather a deficiency in the manner in which those affected see colour and distinguish between colours.”
Here’s what colour blindness looks like:


As this GIF explains people, who experience Protanomaly or red weak see duller shades of red, orange and yellow. This condition is pretty
mild and does not interfere in daily life as much as other conditions.


People suffering from Protanopia see red as black while green, orange and yellow looks like hues of yellow.


Difficulty in perceiving shades of green comes under Deuteranomaly. It causes yellow and green to appear in the tone of red. It makes it harder to differentiate violet from blue.


Deuteranopia or green-blind causes an individual to see reds as brownish-yellow and greens as beige.


Tritanomaly makes blue appear as green. It can further make people suffering from this condition get confused with yellow and reds as pink.


This a very rare condition where people see blue as green, and yellow will appear violet or grey.

Blue Cone Monochromacy

Blue Cone Monochromacy makes it difficult for a person to distinguish between colours as their brain has the hard time distinguishing between colours.


A rare condition where a person can see no colour, whatsoever. All these people see is black, white and grey.






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