Man Proposes His Girlfriend Inside Reptile Enclosure

Man Proposes His Girlfriend Inside Reptile Enclosure

Wondering what would have happened if she would have said NO

A reptile lover proposed to his girlfriend of three years right in front of 14-foot croc!
Billy Collett, who is the head of reptiles at Reptile Park in Somersby, Australia proposed his girlfriend Siobhan Oxley during a show at the park last week.
“Three years ago next week, I actually met the girl of my dreams, the girl I love more than anything, and she has become my life partner,” Collett told the audience, before asking Oxley to “jump on in[to]” the enclosure where the crocodile named Elvis was underwater.
Oxley hopped inside the enclosure when she was invited to participate in the feeding process.


Proposing someone takes a hell lot of courage and doing so in the presence of gigantic crocodile! Well, now his isn’t something we come across every day. Do we?
The video titled Best. Proposal. Ever. was shared by The Australian Reptile Park on Thursday and went viral almost immediately.







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