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Man Attempts To Rape A Pit Bull- An Unbelievable Story

This man from Miami tried raping a Pitbull, a male Pitbull. Yes!

A gruesome scene unfolded as Jesus Ramon Sanchez allegedly tried to engage in sexual intercourse with a 4-year old pit bull. The dog was out on a walk in the park with his owner and while its owner was involved in a conversation with his friends, that’s when Ramon tried to do Spanky(the dog’s name). The dog defended itself by tearing off the man’s genitals with its teeth.

People who witnessed this bizarre event literally could not believe their eyes. One gentleman said, “The man had his pants down and was struggling with the dog. Everyone in the park was just stunned and nobody did anything, but the dog defended itself and bit back. In a matter of seconds, he grabbed the man’s genitals with its teeth and literally tore them apart.”


When the ambulance arrived, Mister Sanchez was profusely bleeding but the doctors were able to stabilise him and they no longer fear for his life. The Miami Police Department has opened an investigation and will further probe the matter once Mister Sanchez is able to speak.



Shubhendu Punj

Teri ek boond ka pyaasa mai---o pyaar ke sagar!

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