Did You Know The Real Meaning Behind The Title Of The Movie 'PINK'

Did You Know The Real Meaning Behind The Title Of The Movie ‘PINK’

The year 2016 gave us some of the best movie releases, the latest being Amitabh Bachchan starrer ‘Pink’. The movie is one of its kind, in fact, the only one that stresses the importance of a woman’s consent for anything. Shoojit Sircar’s production, Pink focuses on gender equality and challenges the social issues that run in the society.

For those who haven’t watched the movie already, I am not going to give any more spoilers here. But here’s an insight into why the movie was named ‘PINK’.

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In an interview, Sircar was asked why the movie was named ‘Pink’ and he said that there was nothing to explain. According to him, anyone who has watched the movie would decipher it himself. So, did we???

Most of us would guess the movie name to be based simply on the colour pink because you know, it is a generally associated with girls. But, that’s not completely true.

Veeresh Malik, an active writer, explains in a blog for Time Of India, the significance of the name ‘Pink’. He begins by explaining the ‘Urban Dictionary’ definition of the word:

‘Slang – the various urban dictionaries online define “pink” as a reference to forced and often cruel or threat-based occupation of a vagina by an unwelcome penis.’


Another definition of the word is:

‘Pink in common street slang in so many countries means vagina of the sort that is bought, with violence.’

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Not just that, in Japan, there is an entirely different category of movie, called Pink Films. The “Pink film” is a category of Japanese pornographic film made by independent studios for release to adult theatres.

Makes sense now?




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