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Meet Sally McNeil- The Woman Who Killed Her Husband On Valentines Day


Sally McNeil was a former marine and had won the U.S. Armed Services Physique Championship twice in 80’s  She was married to Ray Mcneil, a buff 256-pounder and native Jamaican who was among the top 20 professionals in the nation in his weight class, and was named Mr. California in 1991.


The relationship between two was volatile and they often fought because of Ray’s many affairs with other women. On the valentine’s night, things got worse as Ray did not return home till late.


Jealousy sparked a revenge rampage in Sally and after a brief fight she pulled a shotgun on her husband and killed him. She then summoned police by calling 911 and was present upon arrival of uniformed officers.


The forensic team later revealed that both Sally and Ray were on steroids at the time of the homicide. The jury convicted McNeil of second-degree murder. Sentenced to 19 years to life, she is still lodged in jail.


When a reporter went to interview Sally in the prison, she talked tough and accepted no blame. She portrayed her dead husband as a steroid-popping philanderer who began beating her on the third day of their marriage and never stopped.



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