Dear Men, Keep These Points In Mind Before You Head Out To Buy A Perfect Shirt

Dear Men, Keep These Points In Mind Before You Head Out To Buy A Perfect Shirt

Shirts are staple in every man’s wardrobe, be it formal or casual. Men can’t do without them. But did you ever pay any attention towards the details that go behind the making of the shirt? It is true; you need to pay attention to what you buy, tiny details that might seem meaningless to you can either make or break your look.
The type of collar that suits your face cut, the fit of the shirt at the waist, size of the shirt, pattern, sleeve structure, etc. every single detail count.
While reading this, few men will be like- Hey, tell us something new…but even if you know everything about tailoring, some things often go wrong. Maybe, few extra inches on your waist which you ignored. So avoid these mistakes and get yourself a perfect shirt.


Fit Of The Shirt:

When you go shirt shopping, you need to understand what kind of fit suits you. There are basically three types of fit:

Slim Fit: These shirts are fitted ones and neatly accentuate the athletic body of a man.

Regular Fit: These shirts are the most common ones, they mostly fit looser around the waist.

Dress Fit: These shirts are made for your formal wardrobe and Must Always be tucked in your trousers.

Game Changing Collars



The type of collar you choose can alter you face and can accordingly make you look chubby or lean. Hence, it is advisable to know the shape of your collar carefully. Three basic types of collars every man should be aware of:

Classic Collar: These collars are three to four inches apart and are perfect for both formal and casual wear.

Button Down Collar: Mostly for formal occasions, these collars have a button attached at the leaf to the shirt.

Spread Collar: Spread collar shirts are meant to be worn with a bow tie.

Neck Size

You obviously don’t want others to feel that you are wearing your fathers’ shirt, right? Hence, learn.
The size of the collar is 14″-23″, so when you are getting your measurements done measure your collar from the flexible measuring tape & leave half an inch extra space.


Cuff Styles


Shirt cuffs are often ignored, but you need to make sure that you get them on point while buying a shirt.
There are two types of cuffs: The primary ones are closed with one button, they are termed as casual cuffs.
On the other hand, formal cuffs are fastened with two buttons which are folded backwards and then tucked down.





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