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Nirvana Was The Golden Plan Designed By The Almighty For Dave Grohl

Kurt Cobain played his role and left the scene, or maybe he was forced to exit the world, that’s still a mystery. The level of heroin in Cobain’s bloodstream was 1.52 milligrams, and there was also evidence of Valium in his blood. Doctors claim that after such staggering intake, Cobain by no chance could have managed to pull the trigger, but!

The original photo released of the death scene of Kurt Cobain.

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America could find Osama, Gaddafi, but never could they solve the mysteries surrounding the death of the greatest talents born on their soil. Be it Kurt Cobain or Tupac Shakur, truly two pioneers in the music world.


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Dave Grohl, Nirvana’s sticksman, absorbed the craziness and insanity of Kurt Cobain and put that to exceptional use as Foo Fighters frontman. From 1995 to this day, Dave has kept the focus on what’s real, which is making music. That makes Foo fighters epic like Nirvana.


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Kurt lives in Grohl; there are clear signs. For instance, you can spot Cobain in Grohl when the latter is sending ropes of shoulder-length hair behind his ears when he says things like he used his Grammy as a doorstop. 😀


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Kurt started out when he had nothing to lose, and Grohl too was at a similar stage in 1994 after Cobain’s death where there was nothing left for him to lose. Cobain’s inability to cope up with complications of fame was an enlightening—eye-opening chapter for Grohl. Kurt’s fall bestowed perfect stability to Grohl’s mind which then made him the most successful musicians in the rock genre.


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