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Office—Your second home

Do you realise where a majority of your time is being spent–with colleagues at work. They are getting the most of you, but are they getting the best of you? Here in this listicle are certain gestures that will make you the Bryan Adams of your group(You got it)!
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Let me do that for you:  Help him perform the least favourite duty; example, he might be pulling most of his hair while doing data entry, so go ahead and be his anti hair fall solution.

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Acknowledge through the manager: If somebody helped you meet the deadline, write a mail to their manager and communicate the deed. Managers are dealing with a lot of people, so they might miss out on a lot of things. Bring to notice gestures that bind the team. Get those people recognised who contribute significantly in smooth sailing of operations.

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Write a LinkedIn recommendation: Your recommendation/testimonial is a badge or star pinned on your colleague’s profile. Your appreciation will strengthen the faith of recruiters and help your friend realise his career aspirations.

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The Digital Guru: We are living in a technologically advanced world. There are all sorts of apps available to make everyday tasks easy for people. So, if you find your co-worker lagging behind– owing to some time-consuming duty, do a bit of research and find him an app that cuts down his struggle. Be a real professional friend and contribute to his efficiency.

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Back them up: When the wind is flowing against your colleague, be behind his back. Take a stand and expose your support.  This unveiling will not only boost their morale, but also the union amongst you two.





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