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Oh No Malik- Why Do This To Yourself- All About Anu Malik And Amaal Spat!

I still clearly remember the day. I was in class 10th and it was the geography lecture. Our teacher Mr Vishwakarma asked me to come to the blackboard and point out Orrisa on the physical map of India. I did not know where it was located and ended up placing my finger on Madhya Pradesh. Our teachers put his pair of glasses on the table and looking into my eyes he said, “Devanand (he called me Dev), Moorkho ka bhi samaaj me guzaara hai, basharte ve apna mooh band rakhe”. I still have his words etched on my heart and at every step, I abide by them.  I wish Anu Malik was my classmate and he too had witnessed this moment!  Sure thing, he wouldn’t have attracted such humiliation and shame, had he been with me in that geography lecture.


Reason Of Dispute

Bollywood composer Anu Malik is annoyed for not getting kudos for a melody he claims to have made.  As indicated by Bombay Times, Anu’s nephew Amaal Mallik did a refix of the tune Neend Churayi Meri (Ishq) for the motion picture Golmaal Again. Clearly, they didn’t take consent from Anu to utilize the tune, obviously because Anu is not the original composer and it is Linear, an American freestyle-pop trio from Miami, Florida.



Amaal responded politely to Anu’s accusations and he said, “We didn’t need to take his permission, actually. We had taken the rights of the original song (Sending All My Love by Linear) on which the Neend Churayi Tune is based. However, I’d have liked to take my uncle’s permission. That seemed like the right thing to do. We even wanted him to sing the remix. It would have been nice nostalgic touch. But he wouldn’t entertain my calls. So I gave up.”

P.S. –Plagiarism is not a “big moral deal because the taboo against passing off someone else’s work as your own is just an arbitrary. Right, Anu?





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