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One Crazy Arnold Schwarzenegger Fan- Valdir Segato


So bodybuilder Valdir Segato injects oil into his muscles to help him bulk up and achieve his ambition of becoming famous for his physique. He has gained 25kg as a result of his painful synthol injections, but unsurprisingly, the unnatural way of bulking up doesn’t actually make his muscles stronger, and could even prove fatal.


Even so, Valdir says he is delighted that people stare at him in the street. ‘This is a dream come true that I searched for and conquered,’ he said. ‘You look at your body and see that it’s growing and you’re going to want more.’ Valdir, aged 48, started injecting the potentially lethal oil five years ago. Since then his arms have doubled in size from 12 inches, and he wants to get even bigger.


The construction worker, from Sao Paulo in Brazil, he says he is proud to be known locally as ‘He-Man’ and ‘the monster’ in the street. In his youth, he was addicted to drugs and lost so much weight that people would call him ‘skinny dog’ and ‘little skull.’ Valdir said: “There was a time in my life that I got involved with wrong things. I decided to change my life.’

He started going to the gym, which is where another user introduced him to the Synthol telling him he could get more extreme effects than from lifting weights alone. So he started to inject it regularly into his biceps, chest and shoulders.




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