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People Are Wearing Their Button-Down T-Shirts ‘Front-To-Back’ Because They Can!

Every year Lakmé Fashion Week brings fresh fashion and trends, one of the coolest trend so far is wearing your oversized button-down backwards.

Image Source: via Instagram; beautiful India

Grab your boyfriend’s or dad’s T-Shirt that you have wanted to try on since long but had no idea how to!

HOW TO GET THE LOOK: All you need is slightly oversized shirt so that your breasts cold fit in and a magical trick to be able to button it up those ways (or you could simply ask someone too!)

Image Source: via Instagram; @pallaviruhail


Image Source: via Instagram; @vogueindia

The trend started at Milan Fashion Week at the end of last year and had just reached India’s shores. To give it a perky Indian touch you can pair it up with colourful Indian designed clutches as well.

Image Source: via Instagram; @vogueindia

This trick works great on all kinds of shirts, even on cute tie-up ones.

Image Source: via Instagram; @vogueindia


Never repeats an outfit *does happy dance*

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Shubhendu Punj

Teri ek boond ka pyaasa mai---o pyaar ke sagar!

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