91 Per Cent Of Pickpockets Held In Delhi Metro Are Carried Out By Women

91 Per Cent Of Pickpockets Held In Delhi Metro Are Carried Out By Women!

To check on crimes in Delhi Metro, the CISF force regularly undertakes special operations where they deploy men and women in plain regular clothes to keep a check on all the ringleaders who try to cause troubles in the national capital region. According to the full year data which was updated and presented in the middle of December, women constitute 91 percent of pickpocketers who were caught by CISF. The force seized a total of 479 pickpocketers and out of which 439 were females. This full year data, updated till the middle of December, states that the security force undertook more than 100 operations to check for pickpocketing in the rapid rail lifeline of Delhi.


Recently, the CISF had caught one such gang who robbed a US-based Indian lady of her jewels and valuables while she was travelling in a Delhi Metro with her husband. “It has been found that the modus operandi of these women is to either carry a child or travel in a group to con and pick a purse or other valuables of a traveller, be it a man or a woman,” a senior official said.




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