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Pictures To Make The Girls Go ‘Aww’!

Gone are the days, when one’s muscles and abs alone could do the magic. But today, you can’t solely rely on cuts and curves, that X factor is a must. The competition out there, it’s intense, and the disturbed male-female ratio has worsened the scenario furthermore. So you need that extra aww factor.  Don’t know what it is– just keep reading!


Pets: Girls like those men who tend to have an affectionate attitude towards animals. If she is in your friend list on FB or follows you on Insta, upload a picture with your dog/cat!  If you don’t have one, because your mother says they make house dirty, go and find one in the neighbourhood for a selfie.


Cook: Studies have shown women are most pleased to settle down with guys who help with household chores. Now you know what to do to seek her attention—seek a friend and ask him to click a picture- while you are making pasta. Upload it instantly on Insta and share it on Facebook.


Babies: Even if you hate them, still hold them because women find it cute. Just take a picture and pass the baby back to mommy daddy. Don’t carry him for long; he might pee on you.


Guitar: Hey Mr. Irresistible, to fuel the fire of adorableness, grab a guitar and post a shot on your wall. Just don’t merely stand holding the instrument; you must look lost in the rhythm with your fingers placed on the fret board.


Cartoon Show: Girls love Scooby, Donald Duck, I mean if you post a picture which shows that you are watching the show–like a dart it will hit the soft corner– bull’s eye!





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