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Popular Women Who Abused Their Men

Emma Roberts: She isn’t as sweet as she looks in the picture. She was arrested in Canada for her boyfriend’s bloody nose, which was accompanied by a bite mark. The couple later reconciled. They were married six months later.

Carmen Electra: She was arrested in 1998 following a domestic dispute. Her husband at the time was Dennis Rodman. Apparently, Rodman started the fight after seeing one of Carmen’s exes on TV. Rodman ended up with scratches on his arm and a torn shirt.

Hillary Clinton: It is said that Hillary Clinton has abused Bill Clinton throughout their relationship. But this may be just a rumor planted by Republicans to derail her. Of course, there was that time when he got caught with Monica Lewinsky. Who could blame Hillary for hitting him then? Men are not supposed to get caught, you know.

Elin Nordegren: When Elin Nordegren found out her husband, Tiger Woods, was cheating on her, she went nuts. She scratched him and chased him from the house with one of his own golf clubs. When he tried to escape in a car, he crashed it into a tree. Again, men are not supposed to get caught.

Tonya Harding: As the whole world knows, back in the early 90s, Tonya Harding hired someone to break the legs of another figure skater. She said it was her husband’s fault and left him. She was later arrested for throwing a hubcap at her boyfriend and repeatedly punching him in the face. According to her boyfriend, she was “hooking me like Mike Tyson.”





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