Porshe's Bonnet Blown Out By Cops As He Breaks The Parking Rule

Porshe’s Bonnet Blown Out By Cops As He Breaks The Parking Rule

A 25-year-old decided to break the parking rule when he wasn’t able to find a suitable parking for an evening of dancing in the chic sixth arrondissement of the city, and parked his super expensive Porshe 911 at the taxi rank, outside the night club. Later that evening, when he felt too drunk to drive he conveniently booked a cab and went back home.
Now, this might sound like a regular thing happening around the world, i.e., breaking traffic rules and getting away with it. But, this time this ended up differently.

Upon finding a questionable car parked right outside the club for so long, they wasted no more time in calling up the bomb disposal squad and blew away car’s bonnet.
In past incidents like these are taking place in Paris and hence cops are now more alert for the safety of their people. Several times suspicious cars parked outside the famous monuments were used for the terror attacks.
The bomb disposal squad decided not to take any chance and attached few explosives to car’s bonnet and blew it open before discovering that there was no bomb in the vehicle.
When the owner of the car, Olivier arrived, he was enraged to see his car blown up that way. He regretted parking his car at that place, but well, it was too late.

“I apologised and said I would go there immediately. But obviously they didn’t take this into account because the bonnet was already blown up by the time I arrived,” said Olivier.
After this incident, we know that authorities have now become strict and cautious.






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