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Rajiv Dhall- The New Star On Music Horizon!


After Jay Sean, here is another artist of Indian origin who looks decent. I discovered Rajiv Dhall just recently, and here I am writing about him. My cousin introduced me to his mashup which was Wow. Maybe I liked it more because I saw an Indian performing Heathens by 21 pilots.
I had to see more of this artist, so I asked my cousin his name.

Later I saw his cover of Starboy from Abel’s recently released album, and I was thinking maybe if he covers Party Monster—he might also have Selena Gomez. Who knows! 😀 The instrument arrangement in Dhall’s cover of Star Boy was soothing. It was as soothing as Abel’s another song ‘Often’—the version that’s a Kygo remix.

Rajiv Dhall is half-Indian, half-white by ancestry. In December 2010, he started uploading videos to his YouTube channel “TwentyForSeven” which now has over 630,000 subscribers and over 60,000,000 views.

Watching billboard list entries coming from an artist of our race is always a proud feeling. Thanks for the feeling. We think now it’s time that you drop an original score like it’s hot. Say what?

In the end, here is shape of you



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