Watch Video: Ranveer Singh & Baba Ramdev In An Epic "Yoga-Dance Face Off"

Watch Video: Ranveer Singh & Baba Ramdev In An Epic “Yoga-Dance Face Off”

Ranveer Singh is one hyperactive ball of energy and what do we need to tire him? Baba Ramdev. Yes, you read it right, it all started when Ranveer Singh and Baba Ramdev were invited as guests at the leading Hindi channel AajTak’s fifth edition of the Agenda 2016. Now, we all know that the actor is known for making his presence felt wherever he goes but this one time he was defeated by our very own yoga guru.

The video of the dance-off between the two is pure gold. We see the yoga guru trying out dance moves while Ranveer tried yoga poses. While Ramdev happily continued with his yoga moves, Ranveer was left out of breath. Later, he asked Ranveer about his lack of stamina. So, now who would have imagined that Ranveer would be asked that question!
Watch the two of them doing the completely weird mix of dance and yoga on Ranveer’s famous song ‘Malhaari’ here:








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