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Signs That Prove You’re Ignoring Your Inner Truth & How To Change It For Good

Have you ever wondered how our thoughts govern our actions and its consequences? How we behave in the outside world is nothing but a reflection of our inner thoughts and personal characteristics. These thoughts replicate in our decisions and choices.

As great naturalist Charles Darwin believed, to be able to control and channel our thoughts is very important. And in the urban society that we live in, the pressure of keeping up with the fast track world has made it difficult to give voice to our inner selves.

While ignoring your inner self may seem insignificant, it is actually something that must be dealt with immediately. This inner voice is something we need to recognise and comprehend. Here are some signs that will help you find out if you are ignoring your inner self and how to change it.

You let other dominate you or take decisions for you.

Considering human psychology and decision making, we always tend to let our ‘correct’ decisions get affected by what other tell us. We begin doubting our decisions when someone contradicts it or shows the negative side of the decision.

Let not your decisions be affected by any negativity. Try to develop strong decision-making powers and let them not be unnecessarily influenced by negativity from others.

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You choose wrong career path!

While influence can be a good call, it can also let you take wrong decisions. The question is how we chose to come out of the wrong decisions taken, and it is quite easy to understand. When you indulge in any activity, be it of your choice or an influenced one, your brain in some time realises if it something you really want to do or not. And if you don’t want to, follow your inner call and quit it there.

You need social acceptance

Human beings are social animals and we desire social acceptance in everything we do. Most of the times, however, in order to fill the void of social acceptance, we tend to ignore our inner voice and do things irrespective of how we really want it.

Yes, it is important that your decisions are rational and socially acceptable but at the same time, they should give way for your happiness. Take decisions that give you the peace of mind and not just social acceptance.

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You forget to voice your emotions

Most of us do not voice our emotions in decision making, for fear of being called over dramatic or an emotional fool. But when we keep doing this for long, we tend to develop a fake personality and hence, take false decisions.

It is important to listen to both- your mind and your heart and take decisions that satisfy both. In the real world, the more expressive you are, the closer you are to the realities of life.

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You do not believe in yourself

Most of us suffer from inferiority complex and do nothing about it. We doubt ourselves, our decisions and often make more mistakes. Remember, believing in yourself and your decisions makes you a strong headed person, who is liked by everybody. You are inferior to none.

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You don’t take a stand

You are afraid your decisions might be wrong and to contemplate your actions, you often lie. Learn to accept your mistakes and take a stand for all your actions. The more open you are to possibilities around you, the more you elude from all the negativity.

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You get angry easily

A decision made in anger will be lethal no matter what. When angry, we don’t think rationally and any decision taken will be a failure. Restrict yourself from taking decisions out of anger.

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You put your wishes last

This happens more often that you think. Some of us are good souls that put others’ wishes before theirs. But if you keep suppressing your desires, you may develop stress and depression. Always remember, there is a thin line between being selfless and being ‘fair to yourself’.

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P.S. It is very important to trust your inner voice and take a stand for all your decisions.  




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