After Reshma Qureshi, Laxmi Becomes Second To Walk The Ramp At London Fashion Week

After Reshma Qureshi, Laxmi Becomes Second To Walk The Ramp At London Fashion Week

After Reshma Qureshi had walked the ramp for NY Fashion Week, Laxmi becomes another acid attack survivor from Delhi to walk the ramp at London Fashion Week which started on September 16.


Reshma, a 19-year-old was applauded worldwide for her courage and is the face of the campaign which aims to stop the open sale of acids in India. Now Laxmi, a 28-year-old, acid attack survivor and a social activist illuminated the ramp walking at the British Asian Trust charity fashion show on Monday which was ahead of London Fashion Week. Here she shared the ramp with Adele Bel Lis, who is another acid attack survivor from the UK, they joined hands to raise awareness about violence against women.

Laxmi with Adele Bel Lis                                                                                                           Source

Laxmi, who is the founder of NGO- Stop Acid Attacks says, “When I was asked to say something on the ramp, I asked people, `Is beauty defined just by how you look?’ I don’t think so. Beauty is what you are within. That is one message that I wanted to share with everyone. Years ago, someone destroyed my face, thinking that my life will be ruined. Because in our society, it is important for a girl to be pretty. I decided to break the notion and move on and do things that I would have done. I feel glad that I got an opportunity to be on a platform where I can share my thoughts with so many women across the world”.


This is not the first time Laxmi is representing India on the International level, earlier in 2014 she was felicitated by Michelle Obama after winning the International Women Of Courage Award for successfully carrying out the campaigns against crimes on women in India. In an interview with Times Of India, this braveheart said “I am happy that a message is being sent to women to fight this. Jisne hamare saath aisa kiya tha, isliye kiya tha ki hum chehra chhupaye rakhein, par humein aage badhna hai. (The person who did this to me did it so I’d have to keep my face hidden. But I am moving on.) If walking the ramp and participating in events can inspire people, then it is a good thing.


So much power to all the brave Acid attack survivors across the globe!



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