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To Salman Khan Fans, It’s High Time That You Separate “Reel Life Idol” From “Real Life Man”

This is what I read while going through several articles online “When you support ‘Bhaijaan’, you are supporting a man exhibiting no remorse”. Well, the majority of people (being Salman Khan’s fans) won’t agree to it, and rest will be too afraid of being slammed by the same fans rather than admitting it.
Time and now, Bhaijaan has been labelled ‘as a man who committed mistakes in the past but evolved as the god for the unfortunates’.
But the repentance of such events is the proof that Salman is not the ‘Real Life Hero’ as his fans perceive him to be, and it is high time that we stop treating him like one.
It’s 2016, and even a dumbfu**k realises the sensitivity– involving rape victims and their cases. In the last few years, people have witnessed heinous cases like ‘Nirbhaya’, ‘Uber’ & ‘Stanford’ that stirred their soul leading to mass protest. But, sadly even today there exists a large chunk of “so-called fans” supporting a man — who is shooting out insensitive comparisons which he is not even sorry for…
In fact, this is not the first instance of his violent behaviour towards women, remember Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s case?

Even if this is a decade old thing, one thing which this man hasn’t realised is that violence against women is nothing to be mocked upon, or maybe you’ll want to consider how this “good” man’s fans treated women on Twitter.

This is what Sona Mohapatra Tweeted:

Check out some of the hate comments which were addressed towards her

And this is not even 10 percent of the number of hate comments that followed! But Sona who is known for her outspoken attitude posted a response tweet to shut people off.

So dear fans, when you are defending Saman Khan you are defending — violence against women, violence against animals, violence against poor, unwanted sexism, and all that with an added ‘no-regret’ policy.

Here’s what he said:

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