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Say “Hello” to Adele’s Inspired Winged Eye Tutorial!

Adele is a queen of flawless winged eyeliner & never fails to give us eyeliner goals.

We’ve all tried to get the look but have failed big time!  Until now.

Adele’s makeup artist Michael Ashton explains how to get such winged eye. Please hold yourself for the best advice on your life, here’s what she said:

“I always start by outlining the shape of the liner, working from the inner to outer corner of the eye with a black gel liner,” Ashton explains. “I then work the product right into the root of the lashes and then build thickness gradually. Once I’m finished creating the desired shape, I use a waterproof liquid liner with a precision tip to intensify and refine the line, finishing by winging the end of the liner last.”


For better understanding we provide you with the video here:



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