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8 Silly Bloopers From Iconic Movies That Went Unnoticed By You

It is very ironic that some of the most iconic movies are released with several bloopers and mistakes that go unnoticed by even art directors and producers. Here are some simple mistakes from great movies that you might have missed.


1. Spiderman

In this scene, Mary Jane slips off the spilled juice on the floor and the sideman catches her and the tray. Soon after that, there is no juice on the ground.


2. Harry Potter and The Chamber Of Secrets

As Alan Rickman scolds Draco Malfoy, a crew member can be seen hiding in the left corner.

3. The Dark Knight

In a below scene, one can clearly see the shadow of both the cameraman and his operator for a split-second.


4. The Dark Knight Rises

In this roof-top fight scene between Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, the actions are way too effective as one henchman is seen falling on the ground without even being touched.

5. Independence Day

When the frustrated Jeff Goldblum kicks the dustbin, we can see the bin marked as ‘art dept.’ probably of the film’s.


6. Gladiator

During the battle scene, one of the chariots gets overturned and a gas cylinder can be easily seen attached at the back of it.

7. Pirates of Caribbean – The Curse of the Black Pearl

In the final scene where Jack Sparrow says “On deck you scabrous dogs”, a crewman in white can be seen on the left side of Jeck.

8. Avengers

In an action scene, Captain America is hit by a laser leaving a mark on his suit. The mark is soon vanished in the next blink.

All images are taken from Giphy.



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