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Some Guy In A Car Threw A Brutally Scratched CD — I Picked It And That’s How I Discovered Scott Weiland And STP

When the second millennium knocked, I was about 10 years-old. One rainy evening as I was walking through my neighbourhood, I saw a car stopping by nearly 20 metres ahead of me.I saw the window rolling down and the guy seated next to the driver threw a CD and went away.


I picked up this harrowingly scratched CD, now laying there on the side of the road. It was Stone Temple Pilot’s album ‘Core’. Even though the CD was scratched to shit, it still played without a skip. *Sony was and will always be the best.


I heard the album and the sound was so intense and emotional that I immediately fell in love with the band and I’ve been listening to it since. ‘Plush’ specifically from the album is one of my all time favourite songs and it gets me pointed in the right direction every time I hear it.


Now when the frontman of the band Scott Weiland has left the world I thought of sharing this story. I would want to thank him for all the great music he made with his band!


Sorry, the ride ended a bit early, but what a ride man! You made an impression on the whole world that will outlive you for many generations. In the end, what more can you ask for, huh?


On Dec. 3, 2015, the former Stone Temple Pilots frontman was found dead on his tour bus prior to a scheduled performance with his band –Scott Weiland and the Wildabouts.




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