Spot The Elf! The Latest Festive Brain Teaser

Spot The Elf! The Latest Festive Brain Teaser

A latest festive brain teaser where a sneaky elf is hiding in this snow-capped Christmas forest tree is baffling the internet users all across the world. There are some distractions and camouflaging elements in the picture that take your attention away from Santa’s helper.



With the Christmas spirit all around Eco2Greetings came up with this mind-twisting idea to remind shoppers that wrapping papers and cards can be recycled over th festive season.

Were you able to spot the Elf yet?

Scroll down to reveal…




Now that you have located our little mischevious elf, you can see how cleverly camouflaged it is between two trees!






shambhavi mishra

Staff Writer

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