19 Stages When Women Convinces Herself To Get A Pixie-Cut Hair

19 Stages When Women Convinces Herself To Get A Pixie-Cut Hair

Let’s cut the crap and straight away have a look at these 19 Stages When Women Convinces Herself To Get A Pixie-Cut Hair!

Stage 1: “My hair is long and healthy….there’s nothing wrong with them”.

Stage 2: Convince. You start to convince yourself that there
is something definitely wrong your hair, all because you notice few more split-ends.

Stage 3: Then you think about Anushka Sharma, Priyanka Chopra or any other celebrity who is chopping off their hair…
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Stage 4: At first, you’re like… Whyyy, Why do you have to do that, you look so much adorable in long manes!!

Stage 5: You start to notice how they style their hair on the red carpet and you’re like “0h! Okay, I see you doing this, I can do that too”.


Stage 6: You start playing around with a virtual try-on tool, to see how pixie would look on you.

Stage 7: After over 100s of phone calls and text messages (to your sister, mother, siblings, hairstylists) you decide to go for it.

Stage 8: You go to your hairstylist (with your Pinterest inspiration in hand) to get the haircut that will change your life.

Stage 9: Sitting on a chair at hairdressers’ you will start sweating a bit. But that’s fine; you’re allowed to sweat a bit. After all, it’s a life-changing decision.

Stage 10: Your hairstylist, hoping you went to a good one, reassures you that you’ll look great and won’t regret it.


Stage 11: After an hour, your hair is cut and blown dry. You feel fantastic, and call out for paparazzi…

Stage 12: You begin clicking selfies and your social handles flooded with the pictures of your new haircut.

Stage 13: With every like on your picture, your self-esteem begins to rise. You get lots and lots of likes!!

Stage 14: Barely having to style your hair in the morning, is the best thing that has happened to you.


Stage 15: Fast forward it to 3-weeks later- you start feeling this hole in your heart, exactly where your long manes used to fall.

Stage 16: You start to google things like “how to grow your hair faster” or “how to make your pixie hair grow faster.”


Stage 17: You start oiling your hair, and taking the nutritious diet.

Stage 18: You accept the fact that your short hair are here to stay with you for a period of time, and you can not do anything about it. You start falling back in love your hair, so much so, that you don’t want to have your long hair back. You again start posting pictures with “short hair, don’t care.”


Stage 19: You watch Victora’s Secret Fashion Show, and you’re back to ‘square one’, the dark abyss of wanting long hair.







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