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Stars, Who Are Now Just Stars In The Sky

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Whenever I am listening to Kurt, I always think what would have happened if he didn’t kill himself. One thing that I am dead sure about is—Justin Bieber would have never made music, Nickelback and Creed would never have been so popular.

Woosh, it’s tragic he left so early, but he was not the only one to ‘burn out and not fade away’. Here in this piece, we discuss stars who burned their candle at both ends, who fell hard but couldn’t recover gracefully!

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Layne Staley: Layne Staley, the Alice in Chains frontman, who exorcised his demons through the serrated vocal cord, is remembered as one of the most influential singers of his era. Despite struggling with drugs all through his voyage, he has left behind a legacy that music fans will never forget. Staley died in 2002, on 5th April, the same day as Kurt Cobain after injecting a mix of cocaine and heroin– also addressed as speedball.

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Jim Morrison: Highly intelligent, over sensitive, enigmatic, mysterious and reclusive, Jim Morrison, the Doors frontman was a deeply disturbed genius. His fans loved him in spite of him passing out on stage, turning his back to them, cursing at them, raging at them, and mocking them. His perfect, power packed performances could never be replicated and they stand in a league of their own. On July 3rd, 1971, aged 27 Morrison died of a heart attack in his Paris apartment owing to a drug overdose.

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Jimmy Hendrix: His close friend and bandmate William Billy Cox described Hendrix as a shy man who didn’t take himself seriously. In an interview, he was quoted saying, “Jimmy was worried about being accepted and thought his voice wasn’t good enough.” No guitarist had more influence on the rock scene than Hendrix. Jimmy could only be active for seven years—but that was sufficient to get him inducted into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. He died aged 27 in London after he consumed nine Vesparax sleeping pills prescribed to his girlfriend.

Image Source: Rolling Stone

Amy WhineHouse: A naturally adept singer with a great technique; Amy’s emotive and unique voice communicated the song subjects exceptionally. But she just could not deal with fame, being in the spotlight, being scrutinised and torn apart for her every single action. Her dependency on drugs grew drastically over the years, and she completely wrecked her nervous system. In the end, Amy Winehouse killed Amy Winehouse. She drank herself to death on 23 July 2011.



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