Sushma Swaraj Does It Again, Pakistani Bride Arrives Jodhpur

Sushma Swaraj Does It Again, Pakistani Bride Arrives Jodhpur

Dark clouds have been cleared for the groom Naresh Tewani of Jodhpur and Priya Bachchani of Karachi on Monday when after almost a month the couple is all set to tie a knot in Jodhpur.
All thanks to Sushma Swaraj’s wedding gift to the couple.


Here’s what happened:
Jodhpur lad Naresh was engaged to Priya for the past six years and had planned their wedding in Jodhpur on November 7. But due to constant delays by the Indian embassy in Pakistan in granting visas to the bride and her family was spoiling all the wedding functions. So, with date getting closer, the groom took a wise step by tweeting Sushma Swaraj, requesting her to intervene in the matter and arrange visas for all the 35 members of the family including the bride.
Sushma Swaraj was quick to respond and ensured that Indian embassy in Pakistan granted visas to the bride and her family.
“We are thankful for the quick response of the minister.All the 35 members got their visas to come to Jodhpur, though, in two parts,” said Naresh.





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