"Tatteeth" One Of The Weirdest Beauty Trend In a While

“Tatteeth” One Of The Weirdest Beauty Trend In a While

If you have got every inch of your body tattooed and are planning the next one on your teeth, you need not be shy. “Tatteeth”, tooth tattoo the new beauty trend is becoming the new fad.
The procedure?
In order to tattoo your tooth, dentists take an impression of your tooth that needs to be fitted with a crown. It is then taken to the dental lab to add design to it.

Some of Laura's fun work! (an owl, sooner helmet, yin yang, & kitty with paw prints) #dentaltech #artistry #tattooth #dentallab #boomersooner

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The first tattoo was created 20 years ago at the Suburbia Dental Laboratory in Bloomfield when one of their customers asked for a Corvette to be designed on his crown.



Just like any other tattoo, possibilities of tooth tattoos are endless!!




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