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The Deadliest Serial Killer Ever- Luis Garavito


Do you know which is the most venomous snake in the world-it’s the Philippine Cobra! Ok, now do you know who the world’s worse serial killer is, any guesses? Folks his name is Luis Garavito.

Many of the deadliest animals in the world are quite small and sometimes even innocuous-looking and similar it was with Luis. This skinny man from Génova, Colombia admitted to raping, torturing and murdering over 147 little boys.


Garavito’s victims were usually poor children, peasant children, or street children between aged between 8 and 16. He approached them with gifts and candies on the street or in the countryside, and after gaining their trust, he would ask the kid to follow him on a walk. When the victim got tired, walking, he would molest and rape them, cut their throats, and later on he will mercilessly dismember their bodies.


After his conviction and sentencing to prison in 1999, he began to draw a map of where the boys’ bodies are which came to tell authorities that the killings exceeded over 300 bodies. Life in prison or the death penalty, neither of the two exists in Colombia, and Colombian law only limits imprisonment to 30 years.  Because Garavito helped the authorities during the investigation by disclosing the location bodies, his sentence was reduced to only 22 years.


In a radio show aired on 11th June 2006, Garavito expressed to the reporter that after releasing from prison, he intends to start a political career to help abused children. In his testimony, Garavito described himself as a victim of sexual abuse as a child.  He revealed that his father physically and emotionally abused him as a young kid.



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