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The TEMPLE RUN Girls–Beware Beware!


You know the game and the rules. You know how to turn, jump and slide– to save the archaeologist from the family of demonic monkeys who want to eat him. Guys similarly; you need to run away– fast and furiously– from the mentioned categories of girls! Failing to do so, you are bound to encounter a miserable end comprising of screams and howls.

There are all sorts of girls waiting for you out there.  Some are great at conversations, lively and fun to hang out with; while there’s another category who can make your life like Adam Levine sang it ‘Misery.’ These are the ones you need to keep at a distance.

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Tumhi mere mandir, tumhi meri pooja–Unambitious: They love daily soaps and only talk about having children and home. Her ambitions aren’t ambitions; they’re generic responses picked up from people in her environment. She does not have the drive to do more in life. Movies, fast food, shopping on weekends, that’s it, she’s is satisfied. Pairing with this sort of girl can hold back your own life. The unambitious girl is toxic; moving forward isn’t a term she’s ever used.

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Are you hanging up on me–Clingy: If you don’t wish to make your life a living hell, just let this bird fly away without noticing you. Common man, do you wish to be a babysitter, because she will inevitably turn you into one. You will be wholly responsible for her happiness, sadness, excitement, and everything. The clingy girl won’t let you move without her. One night out with a friend and she will be questioning you with tears, whether you still want to be with her or not.

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Kisse baat kar rahe the—the detective: Do yourself a favour, stay away from this girl, because she is always on the edge(Not inspired by Aerosmith). If you are taking your phone to the washroom, she will assume right away; you are busy texting other girls when actually you are just watching YouTube videos or Instagram profiles. Because of lack of trust, you will be prone to emotional bullying.  Also, you will need her permission before you do anything. You miss telling her a single thing—be ready to face the consequences. A healthy relationship is where people willingly choose to involve each other in respective lives.

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I am sorry; I don’t feel that way anymore–Disloyal: Oh, even if you are running out of breath, still run and die, instead of settling down with this deadly woman. Don’t waste your love on this cat. Cheating is a habit for her, and she is a pro at dealing with the embarrassment of being caught. She wouldn’t console the devastated you, rather she would have packed her bag and texted the other man, “Honey, I am on my way”.

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You have been tagged…Social Media: You have an argument with her, and she will post a status that will clearly reflect how miserable it is, being with you. You’re having a beautiful day, just the two of you, but the world has to know, as she wants people out there to feel jealous, seeing how great her relationship is. This category is more worried about how her relationship looks to the outside world. Sooner or later you will start to feel as you are not in a relationship with one but thousands of people. A weird feeling! Isn’t it?

Note: Dear Girls, there are men too with similar symptoms! Peace Folks




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