It's Thumbs Up For Ranveer & Thumbs Down For Salman!

It’s “Thumbs Up” For Ranveer & Thumbs Down For Salman!

Reality-show big boss is on all time hype and no one else, but Salman is to be thanked for its incredible success. However, we feel things are not all good this time in Salman’s court, as according to one of the reports Salman has lost on one of its biggest endorsement deals for Thumbs up.


Salman has been the face of Thumbs up for over four years now, but now the company has decided not to renew the contract this year. The company has yet not commented on why they decided to drop Salman Khan. However, there is no official confirmation for the same.
A Coca-Cola India stated that “Salman Khan was committed to an existing relationship with a daily TV show, which this year happens to be sponsored by a brand that competes with the Coca-Cola India product portfolio. In light of this, both parties have mutually decided not to renew the current contract.”


Few other news sources have stated that 50-year-old actor has lost it because there are other brands which are opting for fresh and young faces and hence Ranveer Singh will be seen in future endorsements. Ranveer has 16 brand endorsements in his pockets right now, so we won’t be surprised even if even if this New-Gen heartthrob replaces Salman in next Thumbs-up endorsement.



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