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Tonight It Will Rain In Los Angeles and 57,794 Homeless Will Tremble In The Cold.

The first time I saw a homeless American was in the flipside video ‘Someday’. The video featured a black guy resting next to a trash can while empty vodka bottles around him like showpieces lifted the ambience of his space. Why it was only a black guy and not a white man is a matter of huge debate, but we are not getting into it.


Let me introduce you to my morning schedule– ‘At Home’. The first thing I do as I realise ‘Oh it’s morning’ is– I call my girlfriend; second is writing the keyword ‘NEWS’ in the Google box on phone’s browser. (I don’t use UC browser)
Frankly speaking, nowadays, going through news often gives me the uncanny taste of repeatedly eating the same dish cooked in different styles. But I am still not giving up on this habit though I am utterly bored and it’s more of an exhausting exerscise than educational.

Coming back to homelessness—today I read a news story that said the number of people homeless in the US city of Los Angeles has soared in the past year. The homeless population in the city grew 20% while the figures for the wider Los Angeles County were even higher at 23%.



Now if this report were coming from Canada, I would have understood that this whopping number might be due to the massive inflow of refugees from Syria, but America isn’t taking anybody in– so its Government’s failure and triumph of those selling heroin, meth, MD, etc


Anyways- the report said there were 57,794 people homeless in the county during its survey in January, compared to 46,874 in 2016.

Los Angeles recently approved new measures to raise $1.2bn (£932m) in bonds to build 10,000 new units of housing for homeless people. There are also plans to raise about $3.5bn over 10 years to pay for other homelessness projects.

Don’t know by when will these LA officials be able to execute this plan—but tonight says there will thunderstorms in LA and the temperature will hit 17 degrees. So ‘Trumpets’ –kindly see these off-roaders have at least raincoats tonight.



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