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Transform Your Old Tire Into This Chic Ottoman

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Just grab a tire and a rope and get a perfect sitter for your room, porch or garden.


You literally need a rope and a tire!

An old tire

Sisal rope (about 150′ of 3/8″ thick rope, or 100′ of 1″ thick rope)

50′ of 3/8″ nylon rope

Hot glue gun & glue sticks


Sealer & paintbrush (optional)

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How to?

Crisscross the tire with a nylon rope in every direction. Form a nice, taut cover for the open sides of a tire. Tie a rope to itself so that it remains tightly in place.
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Beginning at the edge of one side of the tire, wrap the rope around the tire and hot glue to the nylon rope as you go. Keep wrapping until the entire sides of the tire are covered.

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Wrap. Wrap. Wrap. Continue wrapping when you reach the top of the tire, forming concentric circles across the nylon rope base. Glue the sisal rope to itself as well as to the nylon rope as you go. When you reach the centre of the top of the tire, trim the excess rope and glue the end in place.



Image Source: Pinterest

You can also paint it if you are going to keep it outside.

You can also use it as a cool table!




Shubhendu Punj

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