You Need To Look At This This Travel Risk Map 2017

You Need To Look At This This Travel Risk Map 2017

A travel risk map was recently laid out by International SOS and Control Risks and Ipsos Mori; that signifies how safe the place where you are going to travel is. The travel map facilitates organisations to understand the risk in the markets where they travel or operate better. According to the organisation-

Perception vs. Reality:

Ipsos MORI Study Reveals Latest Business Decision-Makers Views on Travel Risks
72% believe travel risks have increased over the past year; 57% anticipate further rise in risk levels
1/3 of organisations modified travel itineraries due to country risk ratings
Nearly half (48%) report an increase in investment to mitigate risks


Risk Ratings:

  • Countries and regional travel security risks are rated ‘Extreme’, ‘High’, ‘Medium’, ‘Low’, or ‘Insignificant’.
  • There are variable levels of travel security risks within countries. Mexico, Egypt, India, and Ukraine are examples of generally ‘Medium’ travel risk ratings, which have higher risk ratings in specific regions of that country.
  • Countries are assigned a medical risk rating of ‘Low’, ‘Medium’, ‘High’, ’Very High’, or ‘Rapidly Developing Variable Risk’.
  • The interactive map features include drill-down capabilities to see specific zones within countries that have a higher travel security risk rating, and city/country search functionality. The interactive map is freely available to clients and media to embed on their websites and to share the information and educate travellers.

Here’s How You Read It: 

GREEN: Insignificant Risk

YELLOW: Low Risk

ORANGE: Medium Risk

RED: High Risk

DARK RED: Extreme Risk







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