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Travel Themed Bedroom Ideas For People Who Are Travelers At Heart!

No matter how much you are in love with your nomadic life, your bedroom is the most comfortable place you would like to come back to. So what if we tell you that you can now make your cosy space a travellers den?
Travelling undoubtedly gives you a magical feeling but what if you are not travelling and are stuck at your home, maybe due to work? Bitten by a travel bug, even when travellers are at home, they constantly want to see the world.

Keep the aura of your trips alive in between your trips to your room by making your room a travellers den. From souvenirs to your vintage suitcases, you can use everything and be creative about it!

Get a colourful wall with a world map

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Or paint your wall with the city of your choice

travel bedrooms 1


Utilise that usual wooden door and get creative

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Define your love for travel with cool travel posters

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Arrange your own desk that screams TRAVEL

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Get yourself cool travel themed throw pillows or cushions 



Collect postcards from your trips and clip them where ever you want



Or how about this super awesome aeroplane window frame?



No traveller would ever get out of here



Make use of travel signs. You can also DIY 




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