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Unraveling Travel Designs– Ideas For Your Bedroom

There is no denying the fact that everyone strives to achieve the perfect home and lifestyle that not only becomes their comfort zone and an extension of individual personality, but also a unique space that can be flaunted to friends and family.

Recent trends have revealed a growing thirst among ultra-moderns to transform the home space into a possession—that appropriately reflects the status and personality of the owner.

To cater to the new-age, we have discovered some innovative travel theme concepts that will elate your heart that longs to wander.


Globe Doorknob – A perfect decorative addition to the travel theme bedroom. Don’t try ordering one because there are no vendors available on Google. What I would suggest you is to walk down to the nearest gift store and there you will find crystal globes in various sizes. Buy one and get it drilled and fitted with the door knob. A skilled labour would take not more than 15 minutes to wind up the task.

Old Suitcases and maps

Walk to the basement store, and there you will definitely find your granddad’s suitcases–and next you know what is to be done. Another idea is a large sized physical map of the world. I have a blue physical map on my wall for I love oceans.

Frames: This component plays a significant role in defining your persona and also frames remind you of your voyages.  Whether they are images from past travels or some interesting quote– go burden the wall.


Wall Art: Its is a great way to fuse soul into walls. Precisely, going this way you can make the wall of your house speak your language. So, the suggestion is to opt a design that best reflects your persona and paste it on the bedroom wall. I don’t know about other places, but those staying in Delhi can have a waterproof design fixed on their walls from professionals at Wallive. These guys do a fine job.




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