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These Musical Compositions From Kashmir Will Leave You Spell Bound!

I haven’t ever been to Kashmir but have heard a lot about its beauty. My father was posted in Jammu while he was working with Hindustan Unilever and he even took care of business in Kashmir territory. After coming back from tour, he would talk about the serenity. I very well remember seeing pictures of an endless stream of stunning flowers and undulated trekking routes he captured in Sonmarg.


While Dad was in Jammu, I was staying in Amritsar pursuing BCom course from DAV College. I found life in Jammu quite dull. Why dull, because the moment you have crossed Pathankot, the mobile network disappears—no internet, no texts, and no calls.

I, in fact, had a breakup with a girl who was also my classmate, for I couldn’t call her as frequently as I usually did, and she thought that I was beginning to take her for granted.  🙁


So, I travelled to Jammu mostly on festivals to be with family.  Apart from that, went there only on two occasions, one, when our pet, an Austrian spitz ‘Mannu’ bite my sister on her lip before her third board exam. The cut was insanely deep, so she had surgery, and the second turn was when Nani Ji came to stay from Chandigarh.


I can’t say how life is in Kashmir, but recently when I heard a few compositions by Kashmiri artists, I got a clue of the scenario. The stories behind the music present facets of life from those bygone days and all are laid bare in the hope of inspiring present and future generations.

Now let’s have a look at a few songs, and trust me guys, all compositions aggregated here are marvellous, and you can definitely hear them on loop!

Like A Sufi- MC Kash & Alif

Sufi-ethnic rock meets hip hop in India’s first ever Sufi rap.
India’s first Sufi Rap brings together Alif’s signature Sufi ethnic rock sound with Kashmiri rapper MC Kash’s strong lyrics and hip hop beats. The word Sufi carries with it a spiritual element. Like A Sufi aims to capture that mysticism, the feeling of being lost in the search for truth. Sung in Kashmiri (or Kosur), a language spoken primarily in the valley of Kashmir and Chenab, the song is an attempt to save this dying language.

Jhelumas by Alif

A Sufi-rock ode to the river Jhelum, inspired by the Kashmir floods.

The Jhelum is the source of life and livelihood for the local residents of Kashmir. Inspired by the devastating floods in Kashmir, the song ‘Jhelumas’ talks about the tremendous perseverence of the Kashmiri woman. Her courage and resiliance are as constant and ever flowing as the river Jhelum itself. Sufi-rock band Alif is based out of Pune and Kashmir. Their music embodies a fusion of classic rock with Urdu/Kashmiri lyrics.

Katyu Chuko by Alif

Katyu Chuko promotes the feeling of Oneness of all beings. While the other tracks have subtitles, this one’s without them. So, here is translation of the lyrics.

Katyu chuko nund banay
Walo mashoof myane
Khabar chaye kus mein rudum
Kus mein rudum.

O beautiful where are you
Come to me my beloved
Do you care who stayed stayed back with me
Who stay back with me

Chol Hama Roshay – Ali Saffudin

Beatles, Rolling Stones, Jimmy Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Queen,Black Sabbath, Bob Marley, Aerosmith, Bob Dylan, The Doors are artists who have written songs which matter, which have defined a generation, and Singer Ali Saffudin is on the same road.



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