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Watch Barkha Dutt Reveal Herself As A Survivor Of Sexual Abuse In This Moving Video

It is often too difficult for a woman in a conservative country like India to talk about sexual abuses and violations in open without the feeling of being judged. And things become all the more difficult when the victim is a well-known public figure. This, however, did not stop Barkha Dutt from talking about her own experiences as a survivor of sexual violence and abuse. And when she broke her silence, she stood as an inspiration to millions of women who faced sexual violence and were forced to keep mum by the society.

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Dutt revealed the details of her encounter during the Women in the World Summit in New York, where she narrates how she was abused at the age of 8 and later as an adult while studying in college.

According to Barkha, women of the modern era are also afraid of admitting violence meted at them in public or in private lest they are blamed for all. And it becomes more shameful when the victim is a young girl and the parents are hesitant to file a case.

She talks in details of her feelings on the matter and how she coped with all in her book ‘This Unquiet Land’.

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She writes, “It was the loneliest and most frightened I had felt as a child and the fear lurked in the shadows, following me into adulthood. I discovered that I was often wary, even scared, of sexual relations – a familiar consequence for those who had experienced abuse as children.”

Here’s the video of Barkha Dutt revealing her story:



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