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We found Anushka Sharma’s Look Alike And Is She Delicious?

It was Sunday and like always– I got up and tuned into Vh1. Out of all the songs, there was one that was woow—every night is a Saturday night by Travis Barker. When the song was over, I was thinking, whoa, what just happened? A few minutes ago I was so depressed, and now I’m euphoric! Music has always moved me though unlike sex or food, it has no intrinsic value!

The moment the song was over, began the research and I googled artist Travis Barker but what I found out was something really unexpected—a look-alike of Anushka Sharma.


See the striking resemblance

Ok now let me tell you who she is! She is the daughter of former beauty queen Shanna Moakler and legendary boxer famously known as “The Golden Boy”,  Oscar De La Hoya.

Born in Los Angeles, California, this diva has a strong social media presence with more than 50,000 Instagram followers.


Now here are some more pictures of the beauty.

Her father won a gold medal at the 1992 Olympics in Barcelona, competing in the lightweight class. He defeated 17 world champions over the course of his career and won ten world titles in six different weight classes.

Still miss the Halloween contacts 👻

A photo posted by ATIANA DE LA HOYA (@atianadelahoya) on

Atiana is the only child of Shanna and boxer Oscar De La Hoya, who dated from 1997 to 2000.  She became half-sibling of Landon and Alabama(other kids in the picture on the top) from her mother’s relationship with drummer Travis Barker.

Now, here is that sexy music video I saw that morning on VH1 that led to this awesome discovery.





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