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What’s Boring You Miyan? A Question For Bohemia!


There is no Asian artist I love more than Bohemia. If singing with power were a physical war, Bohemia could take down ARMIES with both hands tied behind his back at his best. If my introduction by any manor bears a resemblance to blabbering –let me straight tell you three reasons which lift him to the top in my list of favourite artists.


Reason 1

His voice, the powerful baritone sounds Iron manly. Seems like my brother has got a pair of testicles in his voice! Though mostly he is rapping but I am sure he can sing any genre in any scale. He has a tremendous vocal range which all we fan have witnessed in his tracks –Kali Denali, Rooh, Zali Zamana and specially Dil Acapella which exhibits his rare ability to belt with extreme power.


Reason 2

While most Rappers try to hit the G spot by utilizing profanity and sexual innuendo in their respective craft—Bohemia keeps away from the filth. His tracks are clean and they don’t need an explicit version. Honey Singh and Badshaah the top rappers in Bollywood started out with ‘Choot’! Bohemia didn’t take the easy road; he took the road taken by none which led to his crowning as the king of desi hip hop.


Reason 3

His lyrics result in an enjoyable piece of music. In an era when lyrics are such bizarrely irrelevant factor in 99% of hip-hop songs, Bohemia surprises with his verses.

Ajj kal de log jali (zamana jali)

Maatam te sog jali (zamana jali)

Ajj kal ummeed jali (zamana jali)

Ajj kal di preet jali (zamana jali)

A perfect satire


What’s Boring You Bohemia?

I mean what’s wrong? Why are you collaborating with artists who don’t even deserve to be near you? Your creations in the past have been epic and I would be a fool if I attempt to draw a parallel between those songs and the songs you have released in last two years. I can hear you on loop, but I can’t stand that artist you are collaborating with even for a fraction of a second. Now, imagine I am listening to collaboration, and after you have rapped, I fast forward the track to skip the other artist, and so you can resume— can you see bro that’s ruining the experience. It’s identical to building a dam against a river. It’s boring me brother, and this boredom is flowing from your creation.


Bollywood is also to be blamed for this. You Bollywood ruining people, I can take the non-innovative direction and yawn-inducing story-telling—but at least serve good music. Arijit ko sabun ke batte jaisa ragad ragad ke khataam mat karo. Loop in musicians and composers who have given chartbusters. You have deserted Lucky Ali, Shaan, KK, Udit Narayan and even Papon is disappearing!  Stop this crap and try to deliver quality for one time at least.

So, now I would conclude saying—Bohemia, bro call Akshay Kumar asap, he will fetch you sexy opportunities for the man is a star both on screen and at heart and most importantly he adores you. Get sorted brother and shoot us down—Bang Bang!



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