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When Winter Knocks

“Still … in this world only winter is certain.”

Until very recently Delhi was experiencing an endless summer but that phase is gone and another severe one is jogging in-  when getting out of the shower will require an iron will, and getting out of a warm, cozy bed will become a near-impossible task. Winter is knocking, it has arrived–rush and open the door.

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Commode Seat: You feel like setting the blow dryer on max heat and heat it up for a bit.

Sign 2


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Who turned off the fan? Dance on the edge of mystery my friend!

Sign 3

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Cursing yourself in the metro for not carrying the Hoody.

Sign 4


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Increased Intimacy: Hold me all night long.

Sign 5

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It’s dark when you wake up. It’s dark when you get home from work.




Shubhendu Punj

Teri ek boond ka pyaasa mai---o pyaar ke sagar!

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