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Wickedpedia- Some Really Weird Wikipedia Entries


Sex Positions- When you have planned to do it Adam’s way- I mean ‘Just like animals’, here is an interesting Wikipedia entry you must surf through before opening the action. There are plenty of graphic entries about sex acts on Sex position page (Source) and I bet you can’t do them all in one night!


List of Most Viewed Porn Videos of All Time: This list consists of the 50 non-deleted most viewed porn videos of all time and all websites. Guess who tops the list–It’s none other than the video featuring rapper Ray J with his ex-flame Kim Kardashian. The sex tape was viewed 135,628,000 times on Pornhub(still counting). The page itself has generated some controversy about its relevance and is being considered for deletion.(Source)


Death during consensual sex: Jeez, this is the ultimate way to go! Isn’t it? But Jokes apart, this page throws light on individuals who have allegedly shed this mortal coil while engaged in the act. Prominent personalities featuring under this category include Pope John XII and Nelson Rockefeller.


Camel Toe: “Camel Toe” is slang for “the outline of a woman’s labia majora in tightly fitting clothes,” which some have compared to the toe of an Arabian camel.  (Source)


Sex in Space: How to f**k in zero gravity? The porn connoisseur, Porn Hub tried shooting a video in space but the chosen cast could not do it owing to the weightlessness of outer space. The page speaks of various programs centred on Newton’s third law. Be futuristic and browse through the contents of this interesting category to find more about ways of love making 500 years from now!



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