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This Woman Travelled To The 7 Wonders Of The World After Being Diagnosed With Cancer

Megan Sullivan, who is a producer, director, and photographer experienced frightening 50-foot fall while climbing in Yosemite Valley, after few days she was hit by a car while riding her Vespa and if all this was not enough for her, in her routine check-up, she was diagnosed with skin cancer.

In just a matter of a week, she experienced three horrifying incidents, but she didn’t fall apart, on the contrary, she decided to fulfil her 3-year old dream of travelling the world.

In a matter of just 13 days, she saw all seven wonders of the world starting her journey from South America.


1. Chichén Itzá


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2. Machu Pichu


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3. Cristo Redentor, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


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4. The Colosseum, Rome


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5. Petra, Jordan


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6. The Taj Mahal, India


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7. Great Wall of China


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Teri ek boond ka pyaasa mai---o pyaar ke sagar!

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